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how to make perfect, crispy tofu – every. single. time.

If there's any one food item that anyone expects me to be an expert in, it is most certainly the moist, white block of congealed soy protein known as tofu. Probably most people hear me say "vegan" and assume that this ubiquitous source of vegetarian protein is most of what I eat anyway. It's hard… Continue reading how to make perfect, crispy tofu – every. single. time.

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more is not always better! // single-serving peanut butter canna-balls

Let's just get this ubiquitous sentence-starter over with on this very first post - As a vegan, I was frustrated by the lack of edible options in my neighborhood. I'm a Washingtonian born and raised, and this is well before weed was legal and every shop had every kind of oil infusion in a bottle. I knew a handful of, *ahem,* small-business owners, so cannabutter was readily available to me. That's all well and good, but I needed options. No shame in this game, but can we go ahead and say that I was an adult at this point so that I don't have to make the disclaimer that developing brains should not be playing with mind-altering substances? Great, let's move on.