I am Veronica, and I am a perfectionist. In fact, I’m one of those perfectionists who have so little to show for her life’s work because I constantly talk myself out of my own projects. There were so many videos on the cutting room floor, so much audio trapped on external hard drives, and so many half-written essays on a barely used Evernote account account before I achieved this level of commitment. I’m also a cheapskate, so if I drop $$$ on a domain name, ya’ll best believe I’m going to make it happen.

I committed to 420FITGIRL because I believe in its content. As an adult, it can be difficult to make community in a new place. Perhaps it’s not even a new place in space, but just a new place in time. 420FITGIRL was created to fill a void that I saw in the intersections of communities to which I already belong. I wanted to celebrate all of the imperfections you are going to realize within yourself even after you achieve your goals. Your interests, strengths, and flaws can contradict themselves. I might do a 45-minute HIIT routine, bake vegan biscotti, and accidentally opt out of doing the laundry because my cannabrownie was too strong and I’m too scared to go down to the basement. SO BE IT. I might spend two-and-a-half hours down the Internet rabbit hole of anorexia nervosa’s medical history and later be too distracted to read a full news article about current events. WE’RE ALL DOING OUR DAMN BEST.

Have you ever felt intimidated to switch up your workout routine because you don’t think you “belong” in that boxing ring or the yoga studio? Have you ever had your professional accomplishments diminished because you wind down on Friday night with a marijuana cigarette? Have you ever been shamed because you are conscious about what you put in your body, and maybe that NEVER includes drugs, caffeine, or alcohol? THEN 420FITGIRL IS YOUR HOME, LOVE.